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						<div class=佛山市南海拜尔电子有限公司是集无线麦克风、有线麦克风、会议系统的研发、设计、生产、销售于一体的高新科技企业。总部在台湾,在香港和大陆都有总代理。公司产品种类齐全,质量上佳,现大陆推广中心主要推广其融入顶尖科技的无线会议系统和无线麦克风系统,无线会议话筒,专业型会议话筒等。公司以其成熟及稳定的技术。以及极高的性价比使产品广泛应用在全国各地政府机构、大型企事业单位、大型酒店及卡拉OK娱乐城等,深受广大客户的好评?nbsp;

Baiervires Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a wireless microphone, Wired microphones, conference systems research and development, design, production, Sales of high-tech enterprises. Headquarters in Taiwan, in HongHong Kong and the mainland has a distributor. Wide range of products,  good quality, and now mainland China to promote the Center for. To promote its integrationinto the art technology,  wireless conferencing systems and  wireless wheat Microphone system, wireless conference microphone,  professional conference microphone. For its mature and stable technology, and high The cost to make our products widely used throughout the country,  political Government agencies, large enterprises, large wine Shops and karaoke entertainment city, received by the wide Large customers praise!
Baiervires Technology look forward to working with you to create the future!    

jin2055 ɳվ
jin2055 ɳվ